Thursday, June 01, 2006

Catching up...

Something to make the skin crawl...
You can get to know your own forehead mites the following way: stretch
the skin tight with one hand, carefully scrape a spatula or butter knife
over the skin in the opposite direction, squeezing out traces of oily
material from the sebum glands. (Avoid using too sharp an object, such
as a glass edge or sharpened knife.) Next scrape the extracted material
off the spatula with a cover slip and lower the slip face down onto a
drop of immersion oil previously placed on a glass slide. Then examine
the material with an ordinary compound microscope. You will see the
creatures that literally make your skin crawl.
— Edward O. Wilson, The Diversity of Life, Belknap 1992, 177.

Positive/Negative Travelling Exhibition (nearly over)
A travelling photography exhibition highlighting the plight of HIV/AIDS
in SE Asia. Currently in South Australia.
Sneak preview on website at:
Resource pack:

the things one can do with google earth!

Cosleeping article:,,2087-2179265_1,00.html
we've been doing a crossword a day (mostly DH and me) but there is
hangman and other harder word games too. and you can get the UK version
or US version and so have consistent spelling across the games

I had to share this priceless moment:

S: How much money do you need to be rich, as a human?
Mum: What, in real life?*
S: Yes
Mum: Well, it depends on where you live...
S: I don't know... (runs off to the living room)

Mum sits wondering what that was all about.
*This isn't such a silly question as I've been caught out by questions
relating to Runescape or other online aspects of our plugged in
children's lives,,176-2168328,00.html
interesting article about the barbarians vs romans view of history and a
book by Terry Jones (yes, the ex-Python)

All for being a barbarian, myself...

Not recommended if you have a dial-up Internet connection, but
broadbanders might enjoy some selections from NASA TV:

(sound, video)

Rocket launches, maths tutorials, interviews with scientists, images
from space probes...

Kids cartoon on ABC at 4.27pm atm, CGI and very amusing, even has some
aspects that look quite period...
collaboration between Canada's Nelvana and NZ's Weta W'kshop...

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Anonymous said...

That mites thing sounds neat, if I had a microscope I'd try it. I would love to discuss home schooling generally with you some time, too, I'm interested but not really finding out what I want to know from websites. (this is Fiona from FUCS)