Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Family Nurturing Centre website

The Family Nurturing Centre in Mosman Park, Perth has been one of my homes away from home for over 10 years - doing yoga, pregnancy yoga, parenting support, and now yoga teacher training.

Sam & Sydel provide a wide range of support for the whole community, from pregnancy & birth, to parenting and ongoing health and well-being through yoga and mindfulness training for the whole family.

They have launched a website that gives you all the necessary info in one place:

Please visit and link to your own website... lets make the top entry in Google when you search for 'parenting Perth' or 'pregnancy yoga Perth'.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

blender course in sl

Hello, my name is Orhalla Zander and my goal is to show people whom
find Blender
intimidating that it is actually very user friendly.

Blender is a common 3d modeling application used to make Sculpties.

The following notecard will contain the Prerequisites, Time/Location,
Content, and Contact Info about my Courses.

I really need ya'll to check that you meet these requirements, b/c I
cannot stop to
help you and I will seem like a jackass because I'm only catering to
the people whom
have checked the following and are ready to learn the program.

BEFORE YOU ATTEND MY COURSE, you must make sure you meet these requirements:

1.) Have Blender installed. You can download it at.....

2.) Have the newest Domino Designs Scripts Installed. These scripts give you
instant meshes in Blender that are Second Life compatible. You can
download this
Choose the Recommended Download.

When you Download this file you need to unzip to the appropriate location.
Vista- C:\Users\"YOU"\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation

XP- C:\Documents and Settings\"YOU"\Application Data\Blender Foundation

Mac- I don't know how to use a Mac.

3.) Test that Blender works on your PC & Test that the Dominos Designs scripts
work by going to the top menu and choosing... Add/Mesh/Sculpt Mesh
If you don't see Sculpt Mesh in your options there... then your
Dominos Designs is
not installed correctly.

4.) Test that Blender works while SL is open.... because I'll be
teaching Blender
From SL. Some people's machines arn't strong enough to run both Blender and
Second Life.

5.) Have Voice Enabled to HEAR ME. I don't care if you don't want to
talk, you don't
have to. However, I will be doing the class in voice to save time.
It's much faster
for me compared to me typing everything out.

*************************WHEN AND WHERE***************************
Class will be starting Fridays at 5pm SLT somewhere on Hobo Island.
I'll randomly
make a platform somewhere and send out the SLURL. Here's the LM to
the Island, but I'll probably setup in the sky somewhere.

September 4th
September 11th
September 18th

It is this time because it's a utilitarian choice. Most people will
be off work on the
West Coast in the USA; it'll be evening for me on the USA East Coast; several
Europeans that wish to learn this program will have to adjust their
sleep slightly for
one night on the weekend. Aussies may have to wake up earlier. :P
September 4th - This course will be about 1-2 hours long depending on how many
people show and the ammount of content.

I will go over the basic interface of blender:
Camera Controls
Adding Meshes
Vertice Selection
Rendering your UV Image
September 11th - This course will be about an hour long.

I'll show you how to make cloth that drapes over a box which you then
could drape over anything you imagined like a couch.
I'll also show you how to tack cloth while it hangs as if by nails.
September 18th - This course will also be around an hour long.

I'll show you how to make a sculptie look like it's multiple
sculpties. Similar to the 1 prim ladders you may have seen where the
side rails and all the steps are still 1 prim.

************************WHO TO CONTACT????*************************

You can contact me.... Orhalla Zander. Feel free to send an IM.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is this your SecondLife?

Thanks to Taterino Nino on Massively:

Have you found paradise?

internet addiction - is this you?

From the website:
The video game market is big business, worth around $2 billion in
Australia last year. The best games draw people into an exciting world
where anything is possible; demons are slain, riches are made and
worries about the real world left far behind. It's great
entertainment, but for a minority of players and net users who get
hooked it can be a disaster. 'Addicts' deprived of computer access
exhibit rage, distress and even violence. Should video game and
internet 'addiction' be acknowledged as a recognised clinical
condition? Pauline Newman's report examines the scale and depth of
this worldwide problem, and the drastic measures that some countries
are employing to combat it.

World Breast Feeding Day @ FNC, Perth

Nurturing, Community, Breastfeeding,
Birth, Love, Peace,Fun & Play

Family Nurturing Centre
August 1st 12.30 p.m.
610 Stilring Hwy,
Mosman Park
Enter off Glyde St

This is a World Breastfeeding Day not to miss as it has extra
significance in the lead up to the coming activities to support Birth

Support your community and nurturing values:-great opportunity to
connect and share.

Guest Speakers:

Will share their personal stories, relections and experiences around
Breastfeeding, Birth, choice, Parenting and the Journey of Life.

Ann McRae Journalist, Grandmother, Home Birther from the 80's!
Speaker and one of the original ABA counsellors.

Shaughn Leach (Lactation Consultant,Midwife )

Sally Westbury (Homebirth Midwife) ............And anyone who wants to Share!

Be Nutured With with free Mini Relflexology Sessions from Ashi;12.30-1.30pm (Advanced clinical
reflexologist )

Community and Food: Bring a Plate of Food to Share!

See you there!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

World Breast Feeding Day @ FNC, Perth

From the FNC Face book page:
World Breastfeeding Day Coming-Put August the First in your Diary

August the 1st -Saturday is World Breastfeeding Day
and we have a great celebration at the centre posted on the Events
with Sally Westbury / Shaughn Leach and other exciting mini speeches
-a fun sharing of food and celebration of Nurturing
-Breastfeeding and Birthchoices. Breastfeed In.
We will have information on the WABA theme for this year and explore
the connection between Empowered Birth and breastfeeding.
TIME 12.30
-place the FAMILY NURTURING CENTRE in Mosman Park
-ASHI, Harley St London Reflexologist who specializes in Pregnancy and
Parents/Children will be there to give free mini sessions and Sydel
will give free mini massages!

ALSO there is Virtual Nurse in with M.I.L.C. face book group-- see the
link posted in the FNC links-Post your Breastfeeding photo as your
profile for the day and Your status line to: Hey Facebook,
breastfeeding is not obscene

Apollo moon landing 40th Anniversary

The website as usual has a balanced coverage of the event
and some extra info specific to Australia.

NASA have a section on their website:

BBC has: