Monday, December 08, 2008

most common 500 words in English

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Badly layed out I know - but I put it up as a quick reference for myself;-)

The 500 Most Commonly Used Words in the English Language
Rank Word Rank Word
1 the 126 name
2 of 127 very
3 to 128 through
4 and 129 just
5 a 130 form
6 in 131 much
7 is 132 great
8 it 133 think
9 you 134 say
10 that 135 help
11 he 136 low
12 was 137 line
13 for 138 before
14 on 139 turn
15 are 140 cause
16 with 141 same
17 as 142 mean
18 I 143 differ
19 his 144 move
20 they 145 right
21 be 146 boy
22 at 147 old
23 one 148 too
24 have 149 does
25 this 150 tell
26 from 151 sentence
27 or 152 set
28 had 153 three
29 by 154 want
30 hot 155 air
31 but 156 well
32 some 157 also
33 what 158 play
34 there 159 small
35 we 160 end
36 can 161 put
37 out 162 home
38 other 163 read
39 were 164 hand
40 all 165 port
41 your 166 large
42 when 167 spell
43 up 168 add
44 use 169 even
45 word 170 land
46 how 171 here
47 said 172 must
48 an 173 big
49 each 174 high
50 she 175 such
51 which 176 follow
52 do 177 act
53 their 178 why
54 time 179 ask
55 if 180 men
56 will 181 change
57 way 182 went
58 about 183 light
59 many 184 kind
60 then 185 off
61 them 186 need
62 would 187 house
63 write 188 picture
64 like 189 try
65 so 190 us
66 these 191 again
67 her 192 animal
68 long 193 point
69 make 194 mother
70 thing 195 world
71 see 196 near
72 him 197 build
73 two 198 self
74 has 199 earth
75 look 200 father
76 more 201 head
77 day 202 stand
78 could 203 own
79 go 204 page
80 come 205 should
81 did 206 country
82 my 207 found
83 sound 208 answer
84 no 209 school
85 most 210 grow
86 number 211 study
87 who 212 still
88 over 213 learn
89 know 214 plant
90 water 215 cover
91 than 216 food
92 call 217 sun
93 first 218 four
94 people 219 thought
95 may 220 let
96 down 221 keep
97 side 222 eye
98 been 223 never
99 now 224 last
100 find 225 door
101 any 226 between
102 new 227 city
103 work 228 tree
104 part 229 cross
105 take 230 since
106 get 231 hard
107 place 232 start
108 made 233 might
109 live 234 story
110 where 235 saw
111 after 236 far
112 back 237 sea
113 little 238 draw
114 only 239 left
115 round 240 late
116 man 241 run
117 year 242 don't
118 came 243 while
119 show 244 press
120 every 245 close
121 good 246 night
122 me 247 real
123 give 248 life
124 our 249 few
125 under 250 stop

Rank Word Rank Word
251 open 376 ten
252 seem 377 simple
253 together 378 several
254 next 379 vowel
255 white 380 toward
256 children 381 war
257 begin 382 lay
258 got 383 against
259 walk 384 pattern
260 example 385 slow
261 ease 386 center
262 paper 387 love
263 often 388 person
264 always 389 money
265 music 390 serve
266 those 391 appear
267 both 392 road
268 mark 393 map
269 book 394 science
270 letter 395 rule
271 until 396 govern
272 mile 397 pull
273 river 398 cold
274 car 399 notice
275 feet 400 voice
276 care 401 fall
277 second 402 power
278 group 403 town
279 carry 404 fine
280 took 405 certain
281 rain 406 fly
282 eat 407 unit
283 room 408 lead
284 friend 409 cry
285 began 410 dark
286 idea 411 machine
287 fish 412 note
288 mountain 413 wait
289 north 414 plan
290 once 415 figure
291 base 416 star
292 hear 417 box
293 horse 418 noun
294 cut 419 field
295 sure 420 rest
296 watch 421 correct
297 color 422 able
298 face 423 pound
299 wood 424 done
300 main 425 beauty
301 enough 426 drive
302 plain 427 stood
303 girl 428 contain
304 usual 429 front
305 young 430 teach
306 ready 431 week
307 above 432 final
308 ever 433 gave
309 red 434 green
310 list 435 oh
311 though 436 quick
312 feel 437 develop
313 talk 438 sleep
314 bird 439 warm
315 soon 440 free
316 body 441 minute
317 dog 442 strong
318 family 443 special
319 direct 444 mind
320 pose 445 behind
321 leave 446 clear
322 song 447 tail
323 measure 448 produce
324 state 449 fact
325 product 450 street
326 black 451 inch
327 short 452 lot
328 numeral 453 nothing
329 class 454 course
330 wind 455 stay
331 question 456 wheel
332 happen 457 full
333 complete 458 force
334 ship 459 blue
335 area 460 object
336 half 461 decide
337 rock 462 surface
338 order 463 deep
339 fire 464 moon
340 south 465 island
341 problem 466 foot
342 piece 467 yet
343 told 468 busy
344 knew 469 test
345 pass 470 record
346 farm 471 boat
347 top 472 common
348 whole 473 gold
349 king 474 possible
350 size 475 plane
351 heard 476 age
352 best 477 dry
353 hour 478 wonder
354 better 479 laugh
355 true . 480 thousand
356 during 481 ago
357 hundred 482 ran
358 am 483 check
359 remember 484 game
360 step 485 shape
361 early 486 yes
362 hold 487 hot
363 west 488 miss
364 ground 489 brought
365 interest 490 heat
366 reach 491 snow
367 fast 492 bed
368 five 493 bring
369 sing 494 sit
370 listen 495 perhaps
371 six 496 fill
372 table 497 east
373 travel 498 weight
374 less 499 language
375 morning 500 among

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bacon dip....

1 C sour cream,
1 C mayo,
2 strips bacon,
horseradish to taste,
mix mix mix

Saturday, September 06, 2008


from an email list I am on.... reportedly from someone doing a study on
blood typing in goats....

# The proper name for a group of goats is a trip.
# Goats are great swimmers.
# If bottled raised, goats will become bonded to their caregivers.
# Goats were domesticated around 7000 B.C.
# Domestic goats are found worldwide.
# There are six recognized dairy goat breeds in the United States:
Alpine, La Mancha, Oberhasli, Nubian, Saanen, Toggenburg.
# Each breed of dairy goat gives a different tasting milk. Oberhasli
goats give milk that tastes closest to cow's milk.
# Anything you make with cow's milk, you can make with goat's milk.
# Goat's discovered coffee beans.
# Goat milk has a higher butterfat content than cow's milk.
# Hearty seafarers, goats were kept by sailors for milk.
# Ancient Greeks used goat skins to make vellum and parchment.
# Goats are depicted in Paleolithic art.
# True wild goats are found throughout southern Asia.
# The Ibex (another wild goat species) populates Europe, Asia and Africa.
# Matriarchal herds of goats consist of 5 to 20 individuals.
# Goats are browsers, not grazers.
# Goats are extremely picky about what they eat.
# Goats DO NOT eat tin cans.
# Goats have only bottom front and side teeth, the top jaw does have a
large back molar for crushing things. (they do a good job of this ,
never stick your fingers back there)
# Goats have rectangular eyes - this allows them to see very well in the
# Goats contribute to desertification in Africa.
# The Rocky Mountain "goat" is not a true goat; it is closer to a sheep.
# Wild goats don't sleep.
# Goats use straw to scratch their backs.
# Cashmere comes from the undercoat of the Asian Kashmiri goat, with the
average annual yield per animal being less than one pound.
# Over 80% of worlds population eats goat meat,
# It will take the USA to the year 2052 to produce enough goat meat for
our people
# Mohair comes from the Turkish Angora goat.
# Most mohair now comes from Angora fleece raised in the U.S., with the
average annual yield per animal being four pounds.
# Goats catch colds and can succumb to pneumonia.
# The fat molecules in goat milk are five times smaller than the fat
molecules in cow milk. Goat milk is broken down in the stomach in twenty
minutes; it takes an hour for the stomach to break down cow's milk.
# Goats are great as stock animals. Goats are easier on the trail than
other pack/stock animals. Properly conditioned, a goat can carry up to
25%-30% of its body weight.
# There are over 210 breeds of goats and over 450 million goats in the
# pygmy goats are a species not a breed.
# Goats are great as stock / pack animals

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Aussie Terminology

Its about time ya learned some Aussie

Ace! : Excellent! Very good!
Aerial pingpong : Australian Rules football
Amber fluid : beer
Ambo : ambulance, ambulance driver
Ankle biter : small child
Apples, she'll be : It'll be all right
Arvo : afternoon
Aussie (pron. Ozzie) : Australian
Aussie salute : brushing away flies with the hand
Avos : avocados
B & S : Bachelors' and Spinsters' Ball - a very enjoyable party
usually held in rural areas
Back of Bourke : a very long way away
Bail (somebody) up : to corner somebody physically
Bail out : depart, usually angrily
Banana bender : a person from Queensland
Barbie : barbecue (noun)
Barrack : to cheer on (football team etc.)
Bastard : term of endearment
Bathers : swimming costume
Battler : someone working hard and only just making a living
Beaut, beauty : great, fantastic
Big-note oneself : brag, boast
Bikkie : biscuit (also "it cost big bikkies" - it was expensive)
Billabong : an ox-bow river or watering hole
Billy : teapot. Container for boiling water.
Bingle : motor vehicle accident
Bities : biting insects
Bitzer : mongrel dog (bits of this and bits of that)
Bizzo : business ("mind your own bizzo")
Black Stump, beyond the : a long way away, the back of nowhere
Bloke : man, guy
Bloody : very (bloody hard yakka)
Bloody oath! : that's certainly true
Blow in the bag : have a breathalyser test
Blowie : blow fly
Bludger : lazy person, layabout, somebody who always relies on other
people to do things or lend him things
Blue : fight ("he was having a blue with his wife")
Blue, make a : make a mistake
Bluey : pack, equipment, traffic ticket, redhead
Bluey : blue cattle dog (named after its subtle markings) which is an
excellent working dog. Everyone's favourite all-Aussie dog.
Bluey : heavy wool or felt jacket worn by mining and construction workers.
Bluey : bluebottle jellyfish
Bodgy : of inferior quality
Bog in : commence eating, to attack food with enthusiasm
Bog standard : basic, unadorned, without accessories (a bog standard
car, telephone etc.)
Bogan : person who takes little pride in his appearance, spends his
days slacking and drinking beer
Bogged : Stuck in mud, deep sand (a vehicle).
Bondi cigar : see "brown-eyed mullet"
Bonzer : great, ripper
Boogie board : a hybrid, half-sized surf board
Boomer : a large male kangaroo
Booze bus : police vehicle used for catching drunk drivers
Boozer : a pub
Bored shitless : very bored
Bottle shop : liquor shop
Bottle-o : liquor shop (originally a man with hessian bags going
around picking up beer bottles in the 50's and 60's)
Bottler : something excellent
Bottling, his blood's worth : he's an excellent, helpful bloke.
Bounce : a bully
Bourke Street, he doesn't know Christmas from : he's a bit slow in the
head. (Bourke Street is a brightly lit Melbourne street)
Bowl of rice, not my : not my cup of tea; I don't like it
Brass razoo, he hasn't got a : he's very poor
Brekkie : breakfast
Brick shit house, built like a : big strong bloke
Brickie : bricklayer
Brisvegas : Brisbane, state capital of Queensland
Brizzie : Brisbane, state capital of Queensland
Brown-eyed mullet : a turd in the sea (where you're swimming!)
Brumby : a wild horse
Buck's night : stag party, male gathering the night before the wedding
Buckley's, Buckley's chance : no chance ("New Zealand stands Buckley's
of beating Australia at football")
Budgie smugglers : men's bathing costume
Bull bar : stout bar fixed to the front of a vehicle to protect it
against hitting kangaroos (also roo bar)
Bundy : short for Bundaberg, Queensland, and the brand of rum that's made there
Bunyip : mythical outback creature
Bush : the hinterland, the Outback, anywhere that isn't in town
Bush bash : long competitive running or motorcar race through the bush
Bush oyster : nasal mucus
Bush telly : campfire
Bushie : someone who lives in the Bush
Bushman's hanky : Emitting nasal mucus by placing one index finger on
the outside of the nose (thus blocking one nostril) and blowing.
Bushranger : highwayman, outlaw
Butcher : small glass of beer in South Australia - From the theory
that a butcher could take a quick break from his job, have a drink and
be back at work
BYO : unlicensed restaurant where you have to Bring Your Own grog,
also similar party or barbecue
Cab Sav : Cabernet Sauvignon (a variety of wine grape)
Cactus : dead, not functioning ("this bloody washing machine is cactus")
Cane toad : a person from Queensland
Captain Cook : look (noun) ("let's have a Captain Cook")
Cark it : to die, cease functioning
Cat burying shit, as busy as a : busy
Cat's piss, as mean as : mean, stingy, uncharitable
Chewie : chewing gum
Chokkie : chocolate
Chook : a chicken
Chrissie : Christmas
Christmas : see Bourke Street
Chuck a sickie : take the day off sick from work when you're perfectly healthy
Chunder : vomit
Clacker : anus (from Latin cloaca = sewer). Also the single orifice of
monotremes (platypus and echidna) used both for reproduction and for
the elimination of body wastes.
Clayton's : fake, substitute
Cleanskin : Bottle of wine without a label. Usually bought in bulk by
companies who then add their own personalised label and use the wine
as e.g. gifts to clients
Cleanskin : cattle that have not been branded, earmarked or castrated.
Click : kilometre - "it's 10 clicks away"
Clucky : feeling broody or maternal
Coathanger : Sydney Harbour bridge
Cobber : friend
Cockie : farmer
Cockie : cockatoo
Cockie : cockroach
Cockroach : a person from New South Wales
Coldie : a beer
Come a gutser : make a bad mistake, have an accident
Compo : Workers' Compensation pay
Conch (adj. conchy) : a conscientious person. Somebody who would
rather work or study than go out and enjoy him/herself.
Cooee, not within : figuratively a long way away, far off - England
weren't within cooee of beating Australia at cricket
Cooee, within : nearby - I was within cooee of landing a big fish when
the line broke. He lives within cooee of Sydney.
Cook (noun) : One's wife
Corker : something excellent. A good stroke in cricket might be
described as a 'corker of a shot'
Corroboree : an aboriginal dance festival
Counter lunch/Countery : pub lunch
Cozzie : swimming costume
Crack a fat : get an erection
Crack onto (someone) : to hit on someone, pursue someone romantically
Cranky : in a bad mood, angry
Cream (verb) : defeat by a large margin
Crook : sick, or badly made
Crow eater : a person from South Australia
Cubby house : Small, usually timber, house in the garden used as a
children's plaything.
Cut lunch : sandwiches
Cut lunch commando : army reservist
Cut snake, mad as a : very angry
Dag : a funny person, nerd, goof
Daks : trousers
Damper : bread made from flour and water
Date : arse[hole] ("get off your fat date")
Dead dingo's donger, as dry as a : dry
Dead horse : Tomato sauce
Deadset : true, the truth
Dero : tramp, hobo, homeless person (from "derelict")
Dickhead : see "whacker"
Digger : a soldier
Dill : an idiot
Dingo's breakfast : a yawn, a leak and a good look round (i.e. no breakfast)
Dinkum, fair dinkum : true, real, genuine ("I'm a dinkum Aussie"; "is
he fair dinkum?")
Dinky-di : the real thing, genuine
Dipstick : a loser, idiot
Divvy van : Police vehicle used for transporting criminals. Named
after the protective 'division' between the driver and the villains.
Dob (somebody) in : inform on somebody. Hence dobber, a tell-tale
Docket : a bill, receipt
Doco : documentary
Dog : unattractive woman
Dog's balls, stands out like : obvious
Dog's eye : meat pie
Dole bludger : somebody on social assistance when unjustified
Donger : penis
Doodle : penis
Down Under : Australia and New Zealand
Drink with the flies : to drink alone
Drongo : a dope, stupid person
Dropkick : see 'dipstick'
Drum : information, tip-off ("I'll give you the drum")
Duchess : sideboard
Duffer, cattle : rustler
Dummy, spit the : get very upset at something
Dunny : outside lavatory
Dunny budgie : blowfly
Dunny rat, cunning as a : very cunning
Durry : tobacco, cigarette
Dux : top of the class (n.); to be top of the class (v.) - "She duxed
four of her subjects".
Earbashing : nagging, non-stop chatter
Ekka : the Brisbane Exhibition, an annual show
Esky : large insulated food/drink container for picnics, barbecues etc.
Exy : expensive
Face, off one's : drunk ("He was off his face by 9pm")
Fair dinkum : true, genuine
Fair go : a chance ("give a bloke a fair go")
Fair suck of the sav! : exclamation of wonder, awe, disbelief (see also "sav")
Fairy floss : candy floss, cotton candy
Feral : V8 ute (q.v.) sporting large heavy bullbar, numerous aerials,
large truck mudflaps and stickers almost all over the rear window and
tailgate. Sometimes seen with a Mack emblem on the bonnet and always
with large (multiple) driving lights
Feral (n.) : a hippie
Figjam : "F*ck I'm good; just ask me". Nickname for people who have a
high opinion of themselves.
Fisho : fishmonger
Flake : shark's flesh (sold in fish & chips shops)
Flat out like a lizard drinking : flat out, busy
Flick : to give something or somebody the flick is to get rid of it or him/her
Flick it on : to sell something, usually for a quick profit, soon
after buying it.
Fly wire : gauze flyscreen covering a window or doorway.
Footy : Australian Rules football
Fossick : search, rummage ("fossicking through the kitchen drawers")
Fossick : to prospect, e.g. for gold
Fossicker : prospector, e.g. for gold
Franger : condom
Freckle : anus
Fremantle Doctor : the cooling afternoon breeze that arrives in Perth
from the direction of Freeo
Freo : Fremantle in Western Australia
Frog in a sock, as cross as a : sounding angry - a person or your hard drive!
Fruit loop : fool
Full : drunk
Furphy : false or unreliable rumour
G'Day : hello!
Gabba : Wooloongabba - the Brisbane cricket ground
GAFA (pron. gaffa) : the big nothingness of the Australian Outback.
Great Australian F**k All.
Galah : fool, silly person. Named after the bird of the same name
because of its antics and the noise it makes.
Garbo, garbologist : municipal garbage collector
Give it a burl : try it, have a go
Gobful, give a : to abuse, usually justifiably ("The neighbours were
having a noisy party so I went and gave them a gobful")
Gobsmacked : surprised, astounded
Going off : used of a night spot or party that is a lot of fun - "the
place was really going off"
Good oil : useful information, a good idea, the truth
Good onya : good for you, well done
Goog, as full as a : drunk. "Goog" is a variation of the northern
English slangword "goggie" meaning an egg.
Greenie : environmentalist
Grinning like a shot fox : very happy, smugly satisfied
Grog : liquor, beer ("bring your own grog, you bludger")
Grouse (adj.) : great, terrific, very good
Grundies : undies, underwear (from Reg Grundy, a television person)
Gutful of piss : drunk, "he's got a gutful of piss"
Gyno : gynaecologist
Handle : beer glass with a handle
Harold Holt, to do the : To bolt. (Also "to do the Harold")
Heaps : a lot, e.g. "thanks heaps", "(s)he earned heaps of money" etc.
Holy dooley! : an exclamation of surprise = "Good heavens!", "My
goodness!" "Good grief!" or similar
Hoon : hooligan
Hooroo : goodbye
Hotel : often just a pub
Hottie : hot water bottle
Icy pole, ice block : popsicle, lollypop
Jackaroo : a male trainee station manager or station hand (a station
is a big farm/grazing property)
Jillaroo : a female trainee station manager or station hand
Joey : baby kangaroo
Journo : journalist
Jug : electric kettle
Jumbuck : sheep
Kangaroos loose in the top paddock : Intellectually inadequate ("he's
got kangaroos loose in the top paddock")
Kelpie : Australian sheepdog originally bred from Scottish collie
Kero : kerosene
Kindie : kindergarten
Knock : to criticise
Knock back : refusal (noun), refuse (transitive verb)
Knocker : somebody who criticises
Lair : a flashily dressed young man of brash and vulgar behaviour, to
dress up in flashy clothes, to renovate or dress up something in bad
Lair it up : to behave in a brash and vulgar manner
Larrikin : a bloke who is always enjoying himself, harmless prankster
Lend of, to have a : to take advantage of somebody's gullibility, to
have someone on ("he's having a lend of you")
Lippy : lipstick
Liquid laugh : vomit
Lizard drinking, flat out like a : flat out, busy
Lob, lob in : drop in to see someone ("the rellies have lobbed")
Lollies : sweets, candy
London to a brick : absolute certainty ("it's London to a brick that
taxes won't go down")
Long paddock : the side of the road where livestock is grazed during droughts
Longneck : 750ml bottle of beer in South Australia
Lucky Country, The : Australia, where else?
Lunch, who opened their? : OK, who farted?
Lurk : illegal or underhanded racket
Maccas (pron. "mackers") : McDonald's (the hamburger place)
Mallee bull, as fit as a : very fit and strong. The Mallee is very
arid beef country in Victoria/South Australia.
Manchester : Household linen, eg sheets etc.
Mappa Tassie : map of Tasmania - a woman's pubic area
Mate : buddy, friend
Mate's rate, mate's discount : cheaper than usual for a "friend"
Matilda : swagman's bedding, sleeping roll
Metho : methylated spirits
Mexican : a person from south of the Queensland or New South Wales border
Mickey Mouse : excellent, very good. Beware though - in some parts of
Australia it means inconsequential, frivolous or not very good!
Middy : 285 ml beer glass in New South Wales
Milk bar : corner shop that sells takeaway food
Milko : milkman
Mob : group of people, not necessarily troublesome
Mob : family or herd (?) of kangaroos
Mongrel : despicable person
Moolah : money
Mozzie : mosquito
Muddy : mud crab (a great delicacy)
Mug : friendly insult ("have a go, yer mug"), gullible person
Mull : grass (the kind you smoke)
Muster : round up sheep or cattle
Mystery bag : a sausage
Nasho : National Service (compulsory military service)
Naughty, have a : have sex
Never Never : the Outback, centre of Australia
Nipper : young surf lifesaver
No drama : same as 'no worries'
No worries! : Expression of forgiveness or reassurance (No problem;
forget about it; I can do it; Yes, I'll do it)
No-hoper : somebody who'll never do well
Not the full quid : not bright intellectually
Nuddy, in the : naked
Nun's nasty, as dry as a : dry
Nut out : hammer out or work out (an agreement, say)
O.S. : overseas ("he's gone O.S.")
Ocker : an unsophisticated person
Offsider : an assistant, helper
Old fella : penis
Oldies : parents - "I'll have to ask my oldies"
Op shop : opportunity shop, thrift store, place where second hand
goods are sold.
Outback : interior of Australia
Oz : Australia!
Paddock : see 'long paddock'
Pash : a long passionate kiss; hence "pashing on"
Pav : Pavlova - a rich, creamy Australian dessert
Perve (noun & verb) : looking lustfully at the opposite sex
Piece of piss : easy task
Pig's arse! : I don't agree with you
Piker : Someone who doesn't want to fit in with others socially,
leaves parties early
Pink slip, get the : get the sack (from the colour of the termination form)
Pint : large glass of beer (esp. in South Australia)
Piss : beer. Hence "hit the piss", "sink some piss"
Plate, bring a : Instruction on party or BBQ invitation to bring your
own food. It doesn't mean they're short of crockery!
Plonk : cheap wine
Pokies : poker machines, fruit machines, gambling slot machines
Polly : politician
Pom, pommy, pommie : an Englishman • See the complaint about "Pom" etc.
Pommy bastard : an Englishman (see also 'bastard')
Pommy shower : using deodorant instead of taking a shower
Pommy's towel, as dry as a : very dry - based on the canard that Poms
bathe about once a month
Porky : Lie, untruth (pork pie = lie)
Port : suitcase (portmanteau)
Postie : postman, mailman
Pot : 285 ml beer glass in Queensland and Victoria
Pozzy : position - get a good pozzy at the football stadium
Prezzy : present, gift
Quid, make a : earn a living - "are you making a quid?"
Quid, not the full : of low IQ. [Historical note: 'quid' is slang for
a pound. £1 became $2 when Australia converted to decimal currency]
Rack off : push off! get lost! get out of here! also "rack off hairy legs!".
Rage : party
Rage on : to continue partying - "we raged on until 3am"
Rapt : pleased, delighted
Ratbag : mild insult
Raw prawn, to come the : to bullshit, to be generally disagreeable
Reckon! : you bet! Absolutely!
Reffo : refugee
Rego : vehicle registration
Rellie or relo : family relative
Ridgy-didge : original, genuine
Right, she : it'll be all right
Right, that'd be : Accepting bad news as inevitable. ("I went fishing
but caught nothing." "Yeah, that'd be right.")
Rip snorter : great, fantastic - "it was a rip snorter of a party"
Ripper : great, fantastic - "it was a ripper party"
Ripper, you little! : Exclamation of delight or as a reaction to good news
Road train : big truck with many trailers
Rock up : to turn up, to arrive - "we rocked up at their house at 8pm"
Rollie : a cigarette that you roll yourself
Roo : kangaroo
Roo bar : stout bar fixed to the front of a vehicle to protect it
against hitting kangaroos (also bull bar)
Root (verb and noun) : synonym for f*ck in nearly all its senses: "I
feel rooted"; "this washing machine is rooted"; "(s)he's a good root".
A very useful word in fairly polite company.
Root rat : somebody who is constantly looking for sex.
Ropeable : very angry
Rort (verb or noun) : Cheating, fiddling, defrauding (expenses, the
system etc.). Usually used of politicians
Rotten : drunk - "I went out last night and got rotten"
Rubbish (verb) : to criticize
Salute, Aussie : brushing flies away
Salvos, the : Salvation Army, bless them
Sandgroper : a person from Western Australia
Sanger : a sandwich
Sav : saveloy (see also "fair suck of the sav!")
Schooner : large beer glass in Queensland; medium beer glass in South Australia
Scratchy : instant lottery ticket
Screamer : party lover; "two pot screamer" - somebody who gets drunk
on very little alcohol
Seppo : an American
Servo : petrol station
Shag on a rock, stands out like a : very obvious
Shark biscuit : somebody new to surfing
She'll be right : it'll turn out okay
Sheepshagger : A New Zealander
Sheila : a woman
Shit house (adj.) : of poor quality, unenjoyable ("this car is shit
house", "the movie was shit house")
Shit house (noun) : toilet, lavatory
Shonky : dubious, underhanded. E.g. a shonky practice, shonky business etc.
Shoot through : to leave
Shout : turn to buy - a round of drinks usually ("it's your shout")
Show pony : someone who tries hard, by his dress or behaviour, to
impress those around him.
Sickie : day off sick from work (chuck a sickie = take the day off
sick from work when you're perfectly healthy!)
Skite : boast, brag
Skull/Skol (a beer) : to drink a beer in a single draught without
taking a breath
Slab : a carton of 24 bottles or cans of beer
Sleepout : house verandah converted to a bedroom
Smoko : smoke or coffee break
Snag : a sausage
Sook : person or animal who is soft, tame, inoffensive. Hence sooky (adj.)
Spag bol : spaghetti bolognese
Spewin' : very angry
Spiffy, pretty spiffy : great, excellent
Spit the dummy : get very upset at something
Spruiker : man who stands outside a nightclub or restaurant trying to
persuade people to enter
Sprung : caught doing something wrong
Spunk : a good looking person (of either sex)
Squizz (noun) : look - "take a squizz at this"
Standover man : a large man, usually gang-related, who threatens
people with physical violence in order to have his wishes carried out.
Station : a big farm/grazing property
Stickybeak : nosy person
Stoked : very pleased
Stonkered : drunk
Strewth : exclamation, mild oath ("Strewth, that Chris is a bonzer bloke")
Strides : trousers
Strine : Australian slang and pronunciation
Stubby : a 375ml. beer bottle
Stubby holder : polystyrene insulated holder for a stubby
Stuffed, I feel : I'm tired
Stuffed, I'll be : expression of surprise
Sunbake : sunbathe
Sunnies : sunglasses
Surfies : people who go surfing - usually more often than they go to work!
Swag : rolled up bedding etc. carried by a swagman
Swaggie : swagman
Swagman : tramp, hobo
Tall poppies : successful people
Tall poppy syndrome : the tendency to criticize successful people
Tallie : 750ml bottle of beer
Taswegian : derogatory term for a person from Tasmania
Technicolor yawn : vomit
Tee-up : to set up (an appointment)
Thingo : Wadjamacallit, thingummy, whatsit
Thongs : cheap rubber backless sandals
Throw-down : small bottle of beer which you can throw down quickly.
Tickets, to have on oneself : to have a high opinion of oneself
Tinny : can of beer
Tinny : small aluminium boat
Tinny, tin-arsed : lucky
Togs : swim suit
Too right! : definitely!
Top End : far north of Australia
Trackie daks/dacks : tracksuit pants
Trackies : track suit
Troppo, gone : to have escaped to a state of tropical madness; to have
lost the veneer of civilisation after spending too long in the
Trough lolly : the solid piece of perfumed disinfectant in a men's urinal
Truckie : truck driver
True blue : patriotic
Tucker : food
Tucker-bag : food bag
Turps : turpentine, alcoholic drink
Turps, hit the : go on a drinking binge
Two up : gambling game played by spinning two coins simultaneously
Uni : university
Unit : flat, apartment
Up oneself : have a high opinion of oneself - "he's really up himself"
Up somebody, get : to rebuke somebody - "the boss got up me for being late"
Useful as an ashtray on a motorbike / tits on a bull : unhelpful or
incompetent person or thing - "he, she or it is about as useful as
tits on a bull" etc. etc.
Ute : utility vehicle, pickup truck
Vedgies : vegetables
Vee dub : Volkswagen
Veg out : relax in front of the TV (like a vegetable)
Vejjo : vegetarian
Vinnie's : St. Vincent De Paul's (charity thrift stores and hostels)
WACA (pron. whacker) : Western Australian Cricket Association and the
Perth cricket ground
Waggin' school : playing truant
Walkabout : a walk in the Outback by Aborigines that lasts for an
indefinite amount of time
Walkabout, it's gone : it's lost, can't be found
Weekend warrior : army reservist
Whacker, whacka : Idiot; somebody who talks drivel; somebody with whom
you have little patience; a dickhead
Whinge : complain
White pointers : topless (female) sunbathers
Whiteant (verb) : to criticise something to deter somebody from buying
it. A car dealer might whiteant another dealer's cars or a real estate
salesman might whiteant another agent's property
Wobbly : excitable behaviour ("I complained about the food and the
waiter threw a wobbly")
Wobbly boot on, he's got the : drunk
Wog : flu or trivial illness
Wog : person of Mediterranean origin. A milder insult than the same
word in the UK and perhaps elsewhere.
Wombat : somebody who eats, roots and leaves (see also root)
Woop Woop : invented name for any small unimportant town - "he lives
in Woop Woop"
Wowser : straight-laced person, prude, puritan, spoilsport
Wuss : coward; nervous person or animal
XXXX : pronounced Four X, brand of beer made in Queensland
Yabber : talk (a lot)
Yabby : inland freshwater crayfish found in Australia (Cherax destructor)
Yakka : work (noun)
Yewy : u-turn in traffic ("chuck a yewy at the next traffic lights")
Yobbo : an uncouth person
Zack : sixpence (5 cents) - "it isn't worth a zack", "he hasn't got a
zack" (not sure I've heard this one in WA... Quad)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mentor info at my finger tips

The Volunteer Portal:
This the gateway to much of our information. There is a lot of stuff here, if you dig for it. Find links to resources for other languages (French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.)

* The Tao of Volunteers:

* VTEAM Blog:
The VTEAM Blog has information about upcoming meeting & events,transcripts of meetings, and upcoming classes taught by mentors (week to week)

* Monthly Meeting Schedule:

* Mentors Teaching Mentors
The class announcements and schedules are maintained at the Vteam blog.

Another place

Outlines the requirements for teaching other mentors

* Mentor Goodies and Freebies

Go to the kiosks all around the landing zone - explore the language-specific shops, pickup the latest Orientation Island HUDS and work them yourself (keep an unused one to give to a newbie who might not have their tutorial on their screen). There are notecards with useful info, New Mentor Starter kits

* Wiki User Page creation
Shows you how to go about creating your User Profile Page (like the link at the bottom of my messages). Translated into several languages for your convenience. This page has been translated into numerous languages - and we're still looking for people to help translate into other languages. Click the language navbar at the top of the page for your locale.

* Places to volunteer
Suggestions on where to show up to help people. Translated into a couple languages.

* Helping Residents & Troubleshooting tips

Other sources of information

* SL Forum (Restricted- requiring registered payment info)
Discussions on scripting, access to a scripting library, the knowledge base,Animation Tips, Building Tips, Texturing Tips, Scripting Tips, Movies and Machinima, etc., etc.! Includes multi-language forums in German,Korean, Japanese, Italian and Spanish.

* SL Support Portal
Access to FAQ's and Knowledge base and Solution Finder. Requires login (and available to basic membership residents). For premium account residents, it also allows you to navigate to a Live Chat page with Linden Support.

* Resident Blogs & Tutorials
This girl is incredible! She will show you how to make everything from shoes to hair to clothing and more!

Torley Linden's blog where he features lots and lots of YouTube video tutorials on how to do stuff and what stuff mean.

Like Natalia above, Vint Falken is another super-explorer with useful tutorials on just about any topic (including building and Photoshop)

* Use Your Search Feature
-- Press the SEARCH button and select the ALL tab. Enter 'Mentor' and search. Wiki pages, Mentor Buddy Lists can be viewed directly from inside SL without having to open up a new browser!

* When all else fails
Search for ' second life '
Search for ' second life tier fees '
Search for ' second life mac right click '
Search for ' second life estate tools '
so on and so forth.

* What's been going on with SL

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SL on Life Matters on Radio National

Listen now or read the transcript in a few days after broadcast...

Friday, May 16, 2008

See my shared Google Reader Items...

quadrapop's shared items

Stuff I find interesting that comes up in my google reader....

Friday, May 09, 2008

Orders of magnitude explained

found whilst looking at some other interesting Physics videos at

which was triggered by listening to a download of the archive of last week's Science Show:

Natural learning working as it does...

Friday, May 02, 2008

Shoutcast stations to listen to - a archive of the shoutcasts I like to listen to...

Analog rock, digitally-affected, to calm the agitated heart. [SomaFM])

TechnoBase.FM - 24h Techno, Dance, Trance, House and More - 128k MP3)

Drone Zone: Atmospheric ambient space music. Serve Best Chilled. Safe with most medications. [SomaFM])

Indie Pop Rocks! [SomaFM])

Tag's Trip [SomaFM])

S K Y . F M - Mostly Classical - Listen and Relax, it's good for you!

S K Y . F M - Classical & Flamenco Guitar - a mix of classical, spanish, and flamenco guitar)