Thursday, March 02, 2006

Article on Home ed and the 'creative class' in USA

What Lori has to say is true of Australia too, the creative class is
highly represented in our home ed communities and the States are
responsible for setting their Education Dept's regulations.

Each time there is a review of the various Education/Schools Acts it
becomes harder to edcuate your children at home without government
intervention and increasingly more onerous 'requirements'.

Victoria is going through a review right now and may well lose the least
interefering recognition of Home Ed in all of our Education/Schools Acts.

WA is coming up for review.

'School at home' is unworkable as no families have 25+ kids to control
and the whole point of home ed is individualised learning. Home Ed is
about learning not mass education. Home Ed is about true socuialisation
within the community not within the artificial world of an institution.
Home Ed is about preparing children to take part in society not a
factory. Home Ed is a symptom of the Information Age.

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