Saturday, February 26, 2005

A boy!

Our third child was born this morning.

Waters broke at 4am with an audible pop! First contraction at 4.20am. Baby born at 6.20am. I laboured in a water tub. Attended by 2 midwives, DH, and 2 female helpers (sister in law and our occasional nanny). S woke up early enough to see some of the late labour. A woke in time to see his little brother have his first feed.

Baby weighed in at 9lbs/4kg, 53cm long with 36cm head.

Mum feeling fine, a tummy wrap is making life quite bearable.

Tariq's Photo Page
the happy parents minutes after he was born

Sunday, February 13, 2005

It's amazing what turns up on the web....

I was idly googling the names of our family members when this turned up on the first page...
slashdot who needs the way-back-machine when you have friends (I question this after seeing some of the photos newt posted of C) with far too much bandwidth.

C's Alter Ego is a British actor who has appeared in Blackadder and a number of other TV shows. Apparently he has also written at least one stage play.

If you add firewall or VPN to C's search criteria it narrows down nicely:-)

K's Alter Ego is a rather mediocre artist also English...

S and A don't currently have eponymous Alter Egos though there are some interesting links between people who have one or other of their names...