Monday, November 05, 2007

So your kids are into games on the computer?

And you are getting concerned about it...

Have a look at this blog post by Gary Hayes
to his blog I add this:
not only are games not what they used to be but the industry behind them
is not what it used to be and is a strong competitor for every
publishing media from print to broadcast and movies.

There is also the aspect of the experiencial dimension of the web (what
some including gary call Web3.0) which the children of our children will
look back on in the same way our kids look at having to go to a cinema
to see a movie - something their grandparents did...

We are well and truly into the Information age (and I suspect that
before long there will be an age of scarcity or at least conservation)
which will be mediated not by the media we understand today but new
versions being that are in the embrionic stages today.