Wednesday, July 22, 2009

World Breast Feeding Day @ FNC, Perth

From the FNC Face book page:
World Breastfeeding Day Coming-Put August the First in your Diary

August the 1st -Saturday is World Breastfeeding Day
and we have a great celebration at the centre posted on the Events
with Sally Westbury / Shaughn Leach and other exciting mini speeches
-a fun sharing of food and celebration of Nurturing
-Breastfeeding and Birthchoices. Breastfeed In.
We will have information on the WABA theme for this year and explore
the connection between Empowered Birth and breastfeeding.
TIME 12.30
-place the FAMILY NURTURING CENTRE in Mosman Park
-ASHI, Harley St London Reflexologist who specializes in Pregnancy and
Parents/Children will be there to give free mini sessions and Sydel
will give free mini massages!

ALSO there is Virtual Nurse in with M.I.L.C. face book group-- see the
link posted in the FNC links-Post your Breastfeeding photo as your
profile for the day and Your status line to: Hey Facebook,
breastfeeding is not obscene

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