Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Woolstores Urban Decay, Fremantle

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some woolstores urban decay... I can remember when this was still a working warehouse for wool exports... it's now a hangout for homeless and skaters that is being encroached upon by its gradual redevelopment into expensive apartments, across the road and railway line from a working port with fortnightly exports of live sheep...

Fremantle, Western Australia


Bobby said...

What if they just left public spaces like that open to anybody who wanted to use it: spray paint it, skate it, live it, have art shows, concerts - - fund it all with taxes - fix it when it's broken -- yeah, right . . .right?

K said...

unfortunately it is not public land... this is privately owned and worth too much to the owner as apartments. My sadness comes not from the loss of a hangout space but from the loss of the commercial activity that used to be part of a working port. Fremantle has been yuppified out of any recognition - the port itself is turning into nothing more than a glorified parcel handling operation. There are now no industries in the Fremantle area other than white collar or service, all the light industrial has been converted to housing and the industrial stuff has been pushed further and further out of town - necessitating more and more fossil fuel use to transport production to where it is needed.