Sunday, July 31, 2005

toy phone - feeding photo

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It's amazing what one can achieve whilst breastfeeding an infant. I took advantage of a patch of morning sun and a nearby box of toys to continue my 'toyportraits' project.

For more images taken today goto toyportraits set and jewel & pebble photos (you will have to scroll down to the photo of the apple logo to see this mornings efforts)

Terrarium- day 14

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The parsley and capsicum have started to sprout. Unfortunately the albizia doesn't seem to have survived - some we planted in the garden at the same time are doing fine. I think the albizia in this terrarium have succumbed to the mould.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Green is Beautiful - with some of my photos

Some of my photos originally posted on a flickr group have been chosen to be shown in this group blog Green is Beautiful!

Including this one:


Monday, July 25, 2005

Terrarium Update - root

Terrarium - root
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Day 10 and the capsicum seeds are sprouting, one of the roots is visable. The mould is growing on a blood and bone pellet not the seed.

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Thanks to archaeomom8 for this bit of silliness.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

terrarium photo

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We have green leaves!

The blood'n'bone pellets are growing mould and I have sighted a root and a red mite.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Home Ed on a Budget: How to make a terrarium

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A wanted to have his own terrarium after seeing one on "Backyard Science" on ABCTV this week. So I had to come up with suitable containers.

You can use all sorts of things you find around the house to learn about the world around us. Here I'm using left over juice containers abd tape to make a sealed system terrarium.

This exercise covers the CO2/O2 cycles, respiration of plants and animals, water cycles. If you have crafty kids you can decorate the bottles, but do not cover the area above the soil as this is needed for the plants to get enough light.

Step one:
cut the top of a juice bottle so that you can hinge it back and easily fill with soil, invertibrates and plants/seeds.

Originally uploaded by quadrapop.
Step Two:
put rocks/gravel in the bottom to provide a liquid reservoir

Originally uploaded by quadrapop.
Step Three:
place some soil on the rocks

Originally uploaded by quadrapop.
Step Four:
add a worm or two and some compost or mulch for the worms to eat

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Step Five:
plant some fast growing seeds/seedlings - tomatoes/capsicum from the veggie crisper in your fridge, try some of the spice cupboard seeds - cumin, celery, mustard etc

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Step Six:
cover the seeds, spray in some water and tape the bottle up.

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Step Seven:
after a quick spray of water, tape the bottles shut, cap them and leave the bottles in a sunlit, but not too hot, position. then sit back & watch your garden grow.

I'll be taking photos periodically to record our experiment.

Friday, July 15, 2005


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Photo for the week, well, last week anyway. This is a Touchabubble - our back porch was covered in them and C was very out of breath!

More touchabubble photos on the quadrapop fickr site.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

secret foto blogging business

Here is a fun thing that some photo bloggers on flickr have come up with newcastlesecret.

Virual chat room via chalk tags in the real world:-)

New technologies bring new ways of doing things, including playing...
now all these guys have to do is meet face to face:-)